Welcome to the Stealth Computer technical support.

For your convenience we have made the following options available to you for easy access.

Contacting Support Dept >

For direct technical support you can reach us by filling our support request form and providing detailed information to help us resolve your issue. Or if you are in a hurry you can speak to Support directly: (905) 264-9000 ext#225.

Product Returns >

Returned Materials Authorization (RMA): If your hardware is determined to be faulty, damaged or malfunctioning in order to return your product please complete the Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) form.

Downloads >

Looking for a drawing? Do You need a driver? On our Downloads page you can find drawings, drivers and reference material for all our LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Rack PC and LittlePC products. If you have ordered our products without an operating system or require device drivers for a particular system please visit the downloads page.

Discontinued Products >

Rapidly changing technologies, component obsolescence and competitive pressures influence the level, timing and nature of demand for a particular product or group of products. View an archived List of old models and for each discontinued model Stealth offers a direct replacement or functional equivalent model.