Who We Are

For 30 years Stealth (Stealth.com / Stealth Computer) has been designing and manufacturing high performance, ruggedized, industrial-grade computer systems and peripherals. Stealth continues to deliver innovative products that meet the tough and exacting needs of premium clients around the globe.

Designed and ready for harsh-environment, high-availability and mission critical applications, Stealth products have long been in demand by government agencies and companies doing work in such areas as defense, public safety, transport, security, utilities, mining, and telecommunications.

Stealth was opened for business in 1990, organized to fill a void in the marketplace for computers and peripherals that could survive the demanding conditions of manufacturing plant floors. With our engineering backgrounds in process control, instrumentation and factory automation, we had the direct experience and empirical knowledge needed to design and create ruggedized computer products that would keep on working no matter the conditions.

We replaced office-grade PCs companies with equipment that was specified to deal with the dirt, moisture, heat, vibration and electrical noise that are just part of a factory floor. It wasn’t long before companies in many industries were asking us for help designing and building computers and peripherals that would survive the many challenges of operating reliably in their demanding applications.

We’re now a recognized leader, globally, in ruggedized industrial products. Stealth stays at the forefront through steady innovation, providing customers with the latest technologies and features, and designing, integrating and manufacturing both off-the-shelf and customized vertical market solutions.

Three decades of practical hands-on experience with evolving customer requirements and demands has given us much insight on the marketplace. We can identify, develop and support applications that customers need now, but we also have a strong sense of where the market is going and what our customers want – even before they ask us.

On March 17, 2015 Stealth.com was acquired by Sparton Corporation joining Sparton’s Canadian division, Sparton of Canada Limited. (doing business as Stealth.com).  Stealth eventually integrated with Aydin Displays under the division of Sparton Rugged Electronics.

In March 2019, Stealth.com (Sparton Corporation) changed hands to Cerberus Capital Management, ushering in a new era for the company and all of it’s subsidiaries. This shift opened new doors and expanded the realm of capabilities for Stealth.com – now shortened to Stealth, allowing the company to gain resources and provide better solutions without sacrificing the quality maintained over the years.

In April 2021, Stealth was acquired by Elbit Systems of America as part of the acquisition of Sparton Corporation from Cerberus Capital Management. Stealth operated as part of Elbit Systems of America’s existing security structure.

In November 2021, Stealth continues its momentum and converts back to be an independent company operating fully under Sparton of Canada Limited (dba Stealth), an independent company that has its roots dating back to 1931.  Stealth is laser focus on developing solutions in our core products categories: Rugged PCs, Displays, Racks & Peripherals