Over the past two years one of our industrial grade keyboards (model 2000-DT-TB) has gained a bit of a reputation appearing on many internet blogs as “the world’s most expensive keyboard“.

There’s been plenty of head scratching trying to figure out why it costs so much compared to a regular desktop keyboard. What most of these bloggers fail to realize is that this keyboard is geared towards a market they are totally unfamiliar with.

The model: 2000-DT-TB is a specialized keyboard which is fully sealed (NEMA 4X) and encapsulated in stainless steel to be used in rough and tough hostile industry environments. Stealth rugged keyboards are used primarily to provide a degree of protection against corrosion, windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water; and to be undamaged by the formation of ice on the enclosure.

Nevertheless its created some interesting buzz and as the old axiom goes, the only bad press is no press. You can see some of the blog articles here: