Above are two pictures of our 15 year old StealthBox Portable PC
1st pic, front view & 2nd pic where expansion card slots are ported out.

Stealth has been producing our Lunch Box style StealthBox portable computers for almost 20 years now. They have been ideal for all kinds of industry applications including PLC programmers, Portable Servers, Data Acquisition, Portable Video Editing, Instrumentation and any other application that requires expansion card slots along with desktop  processing power.

The photo above is a 1996 vintage StealthBox that came in for repairs recently from a steel processing plant. You can see the computer is a little banged up  however it was still working some 15 years later and the customer only wanted a new keyboard and tune up. In today’s world it is not uncommon for people turn over their technology investments (consumer electronics) in mere months not years. Along with our free life time technical support, Stealth Computer builds products that offer you the best return on your technology investment.

For more info on Stealth’s current Stealthbox and other portable computers, click here.