Are reports of its demise greatly exaggerated? …Um … NO! Floppy Drives

Now ask yourself, when was the last time you used a floppy?

Floppy discs have been around since the 1970s and remain the oldest form of low cost removable storage still around. In a sense, its amazing they have hung around for this long. They only hold 1.44 megabytes of available space — still enough for word processing docs but useful for little else. By comparison, CDs store upward of 700 megabytes, DVDs are 4.7GB and the flash memory USB thumb drives typically carry between 256MB up to 6.0GB or more

Now, there’s nothing really novel about ditching the floppy drive; after all, Apple and Dell did it years ago. For many the floppy has been dead for some time now. Once email attachments became mainstream most of us forgot they even existed. The floppy disc has several replacements; including writeable compact discs, USB/Firewire portable drives and the ever-popular USB keychain flash devices. All can hold much more data, are speedy to read/write data and are less likely to break.

USB 2.0 Flash Key

Most of Stealth’s systems today are shipped without the Floppy Drive. Many small form factor PC that we ship today are about the size of the old 5.25″ drive. There are still various legacy systems shipping from our factory with good ole Floppies mounted proudly within. As with most technology transitions, over time users figured out that they could do without. For now the choice is still up to the end user to decide.