Model: SR-4000B

  • Feature Rich 4U 19″ Rack PC/Server
  • Open Expansion Slots, PCIe, PCI, ISA
  • Passive Backplane & Single Board Computer Design
  • SBC Available in 14 Slot backplanes
  • Solid Steel Enclosure w/ Secure Front Door
  • Multiple Drive Bays for Massive Storage
  • Various Power Supply Options
  • Front Cooling Fan & Filter
  • Also available with ATX Mainboards
  • Built to your Exact Specifications
  • 2 Year Warranty

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The Stealth model SR-4000B is a high performance Industrial 4U Rack Server with a 14 Slot Passive Backplane designed to work on a continuous 24/7 basis yet are priced to meet your budget. Stealth has carefully selected, tested and qualified the highest quality of components to ensure the utmost in total system performance, reliability and long operational life cycles.

The SR-4000B series Rack PC/Server supports numerous expansion slots for PCIe, PCI and ISA add-in cards. Systems are built and configured with passive backplane and single board computers also known as SBC that provide for open and available expansion slots. Stealth can offer various types of backplanes depending on your expansion slot needs.

Stealth’s popular 4U Rack Mount systems with SBC and passive backplanes utilize the latest Intel processors designed to deliver the ultimate in computing power that you require to meet your business and application needs. Prior to shipping each and every system is put through Stealth’s rigorous QA burn-in procedure that is documented and controlled through our ISO 9001 quality system.



Internal Storage

Drive Bays

Expansion Slot(s)

Removable Storage



Power Supply

Operating Systems


Cooling Fans