Toronto, Canada/San Jose, CA ~ August 2014 – Inc. (Stealth Computer), a leader in industrial computer and embedded PC hardware has released four (4) new powerful small PC models featuring unprecedented network connectivity.

Stealth’s new high performance small computers feature four (4) Gigabit LAN Network Ports (3-Front & 1-Rear) with availability in a variety of configurations including Standard, Fanless, and internal Expansion Slot (PCI & PCIe).

The fanless model LPC-480G4FS is a highly reliable, energy efficient, rugged mini PC that operates without noisy cooling fans which could draw in dirt and dust potentially causing catastrophic failures. Stealth’s fanless computers are encapsulated in a rugged extruded aluminum chassis performing as a heat sink to dissipate heat build-up and provide increased reliability.

The Multi-LAN Expansion Slot models LPC-480PCIG4 & LPC-480PCIeG4 serve up the power and performance with the option to integrate your own PCI or PCIe x4 expansion card into the machine. The standard model LPC-480G4 mini PC as well as the fanless and expansion slot models are powered by high performance Intel Mobile Processors and supports up to 16GB of DDR3 SODIMM memory with SATA III/SATA 6G support.

All four Stealth models feature a multitude of I/O connectivity integrated into an impressively diminutive design such as; 4-Gigabit LAN, 4-USB 3.0 (front), 2-USB 2.0 (rear), 2-Serial/RS232, Intel HD graphics, VGA & DVI-D video ports, Audio In/Out and 2-PS/2 ports. The basic model measures in at 5.7″ W x 9.9″ L x 1.65″ H and slightly larger for the fanless and expansion slot models.

The new Stealth Multi-LAN computers are available with up to 1TB of data storage in both hard drive and solid state drive (SSD) configurations. Systems are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, XP, Embedded and Linux and can be custom configured to meet the exact needs of the customer. The new Stealth models are currently shipping with full featured models starting at: $1495.00 USD.

Stealth’s LittlePC products serve a demanding market where small and powerful solutions are being deployed in numerous applications around the globe. Embedded Control, Digital Signs, Kiosks, Mobile Navigation, Thin-Clients, POS & Human/Machine Interface are just a few of the applications that are ideal for Stealth’s industry trusted products.

About Stealth
Founded in 1990 Stealth.Com, is a leading manufacturer of specialized Computers and Peripherals. The company is ISO 9001 registered and continually develops innovative products designed to meet the exact needs of their clients. For over two decades Stealth has provided thousands of proven reliable product solutions that have assisted clients with a myriad of applications. Our impressive customer base includes a wide range of customers from single man operations to Fortune 500 companies, Military installations and Governments worldwide.