Greetings and Salutations,

Stealth - 20 Years Way back in the beginning (circa 1990) while working on automation and control systems someone handed us an IBM “AT” PC and asked, “can you make this thing last?” You see office grade computers were not meant to operate on the plant floor and the catastrophic failures were numerous. Flash Forward – 20 years and thousands of systems later, who would have predicted we would become industry leaders recognized worldwide for our products and services.

Our start to the year 2010 has been a very positive one. We are seeing many projects returning, new system deployments in all kinds of industries and the growing adoption of Windows 7. Thank you for your trust in us as shown by your orders.

You can find us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and our StealthBLOG for up to date information. Stealth follows a strict privacy policy and we promise not sell, rent or share your private information with anyone. We thank you for your time and continued support and of course always welcome your feedback.

– Ed Boutilier
President & CEO of Inc.