New for 2013 Intel has formally introduced its 4th Generation Core processors for desktop and mobile PCs. These 4th-Generation Core processors (code named Haswell) will gradually replace last year’s 3rd generation Core processors (also known as Ivy Bridge) in many of the same system setups and configurations. Intel’s 4th-generation processors are being built on a new 22nm manufacturing process, which was introduced with the 3rd-generation Core processor.

Like the previous Ivy Bridge (i3, i5, and i7-3xxx) processors, the new Haswell processors will come with an i3, i5, or i7 brand number followed by a four- to six-digit model number starting with the number 4. Fourth-gen mobile and desktop processors will be energy-efficient, allowing system manufacturers to expand and refine their designs for new product categories.

The new Intel 4th Generation (Haswell) Processors will soon make it to Stealth’s line of Rackmount Computers & Servers, Panelmount PCs and Rugged Portable PC models, stay tuned.

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