Our engineers are shaking things up — literally.

We put our displays to the test using a vibration shaker. This vibration shaker performs high-acceleration shock tests and can also be used for testing with sine, random and transient vibrations. It features top force and velocity parameters together with a usable vibration control frequency range from DC to 3 kHz.

Our engineers currently use the vibration shaker to perform Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) on some displays. Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) is for higher profile, high volume programs as a special requirement by the customer. The length of the screening is predetermined by the customer, and the display passes the screening only if it is still fully functional after the test has been completed.

ESS testing exposes the displays to cyclic stresses in order to prove a higher reliability of electronic components and enclosure in demanding rugged environments. In the future, the vibration shaker will be used to perform full Environmental Qualification (EQT) Vibration and Shock Testing in-house. This test qualifies the unit for MIL-STD-810 / MIL-STD-167-1A.

In the end, this testing allows us to ensure the highest quality of products are leaving our facility and being put in to the hand of our customers.