Flash based hard drives are being offered on a regular basis now from the top tier notebook manufacturers. There have been lots of recent reports saying that the failure rates have been extremely high with a 20 to 30% return rate.

Stealth has been providing flash based solid state drive solutions for more than 10 years. It has been our experience that the drives we have used have had extremely low failure rates. In fact it is rare that we ever see any returns at all.SSD

So what is happening?

Although we don’t have actual manufacturing data regarding the failures, it is our opinion that the returns are a result of performance versus costs issues. SSD options are not cheap and if your expectation is that your OS will boot up in a few seconds then you are in for a huge disappointment.

Over the years Stealth Computer has supplied many customers with solutions utilizing integrated solid state drive technology. SSD’s are always chosen based on the actual needs and demands of the application itself. Extreme shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges and the ability to operate in strong magnetic fields are ideal reasons on why a Solid State Drives should be specified and deployed. Not because they have become the latest gadget to have.

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