Did you know that Microsoft Windows Vista can be downgraded to XP or even W2K? Depending on the type of license you own you may have the rights to user older versions of the operating systems.

What is a downgrade?Vista Downgrade

To Microsoft, “downgrade” explains the licensing rights it grants to older operating systems. Downgrade does not mean the process for rolling back from Vista to XP, since there isn’t such a procedure. Well not in the generally accepted use of “upgrade.”

Microsoft’s downgrade rights allow owners of some versions of Vista to replace it with Windows XP or Windows 2000 without having to pay for another license. In effect, the license for Vista gets transferred to XP. Think of it as a swap, Vista for XP, but not as an extra license. Microsoft’s end-user licensing agreement (EULA), says you can’t have both Vista and its downgraded XP installed at the same time on the same or different PCs. You make your decision; it’s one or the other.

To a large mass of users, “downgrade” is synonymous for reverting back to an older version of the O/S. Or simply put, dumping Vista and returning back to XP.

If you have purchased a Vista license that was pre-installed on a Stealth Computer and wish to downgrade to XP or WIN 2000 we can assist with your downgrade. Stealth is a Microsoft Certified Partner.