StealthBox Slim Poratble PCWe have released our latest version of StealthBox called the StealthBox-Slim. For many years Stealth has built highly customizable computer workstations designed for people who require the power and expansion capability of a desktop PC in a portable package.

Today, many applications have migrated too much smaller devices however there are still many applications that require the benefits and features of a multi-slot portable PC.

StealthBOX-Slim is a high performance, rugged portable PC with built-in PCI expansion slots and removable storage options. The StealthBOX concept fills a niche by providing performance and expansion capability not found in Notebook and Laptop PCs.

The following are example applications that StealthBOX has been used in:

  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Field service & diagnostic applications
  • Portable servers & workstations
  • Network and communications testing
  • Data acquisition & monitoring
  • Geophysical exploration<
  • Video and audio editing on location
  • Forensic & Police field use