Introducing the new Stealth Computer Model:
SR-NDS – 3U Network Data Storage Rack

Storage Architecture
Information Technology is changing at an alarmingly fast rate. Varying applications require differing levels of disk performance. Hence, the Stealth SR-NDS SAS and SATA RAID were born. Inc. recognized this challenge over half a decade ago. Thus the evolution of the its Tiered Storage RAID Architecture to provide Simultaneous Access to faster SAS 10K/15K Hot Swap Disks, and within the same chassis, Hot Swap SATA 7,200RPM Disks at the same time. Benefits to customers are tremendous. Imagine being able to provide storage to multiple Intel/Unix/Mac Servers via Fibre Channel with tiered storage capability. Stealth’s SR-NDS is the ultimate in flexibility providing Customer’s ROI to a new level unmatched by any other RAID Manufacturer.

Whether customer application requires SAS Disk Technology for Mission Critical Applications or SATA for Lower Cost Storage in Data Replication, Backup or Archiving Applications, Stealth Computer has a configuration to meet the challenge. Whether your SAS Disk Based RAID Configuration requires capacities of up to 24TB or SATA Disk Based RAID up to 224TB, Stealth’s SR-NDS is an affordable solution for you.


  • Hybrid Cache Option with 1GB per disk
  • Multi Host Connectivity – Unix, Intel & MAC Platforms
  • 8Gbit FC, 1Gbit iSCSI or 3Gbit SAS Host Interface
  • Optional Redundant Hot Swappable Active-Active RAID Controllers
  • Scalable Capacity up to 112 Drives @ 224TB*
  • Tiered Implementation of SAS & SATA Disks
  • Choice of 7,200, 10,000 & 15,000 RPM Disks
  • Clustering Ready for Server Failover
  • Optional Remote Data Replication
  • Optional Snapshot and Snapcopy
  • Open Systems Fibre Channel Networks
  • Online RAID Expansion
  • Drive Failure Prediction & Cloning
  • Redundant Hot Swap Power Supplies
  • Redundant Hot Swap Cooling Fans
  • Remote Management with IP/SNMP/VT100
  • Operating System Independent
  • Rack Mountable into any 19″ Wide Rack
  • Space Saving (3 U) or 5.25″ High
  • Complimentary Factory Pre-Configuration

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