Services & Specializations

We specialize in getting the details right.

Stealth begins every relationship by understanding that your needs are unique. We provide you with exceptional service, performance, and options – to fit your personalized needs.

Dry Bonding

Aydin Displays specializes in lamination enhancements for industrial, defense, and marine LCD displays. Learn more about our system, and what our dry bonding technique can offer you.

Industrial Autoclave

When your components need enhanced lamination and curing, our autoclave system is ideal for complex shapes and materials – which need to be treated under elevated heat and pressure.


As of 2012 most marine vessels require an ECDIS equipped vessel – make sure your aren’t left behind. Aydin Displays is one of the few available providers of ECDIS display calibration and characterization.

Hardware Customization

From custom boards to branding and design schemas, Stealth and Aydin are industry leaders in building the (im)possible. We’ve worked with aerospace, marine, military, industrial, and educational requirements. There is no challenge we aren’t willing to take on.