Flashback – 2009 Year in Review
Special Discount Offer & New Products Released in 2009

It’s hard to believe that 2009 is almost over (thank goodness) and what a whirlwind of a year it has been!

For many, it has been the most economically challenging year since the depression of the 1930’s. It was the type of year where we had to kick-in to overdrive and thrust ahead with tremendous optimism. We made up our minds early on to forge our way through the downturn by getting closer to our customers, releasing a myriad of exciting new products, and keep our staff engaged and focused with no layoffs.

So we are happy to celebrate thriving in 2009, and would like to thank you for your great support and confidence in us.

In celebration (yup – here’s the sales pitch part) we are offering a 10% discount off any of the new products we released in 2009 up until the end of December 2009. So take advantage of a deal on a Fanless PC, Rugged Notebook, High Bright LCD or a Waterproof Computer. Just mention our promo 10-For-Year-End and save.

Yes we are doing the social media thing too and you can find us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and our StealthBLOG for up to date information. Stealth follows a strict privacy policy and we do not sell, rent or share your private information with anyone. We thank you for your time and continued support and of course always welcome your feedback.

p.s. Oh and we almost forgot … we are happy to announce we just turned 19 years old this past month – how time flies when you’re having fun. : )


Our New Slim Fanless Rack Computers Space Saving, 2U, Noise Free Rackmount PC/Server

Fanless by design, Stealth’s fanless rack PC is available in single or dual system designs all built-in to a slim 3.5″ high (2U) rack mountable steel chassis with locking front door. Stealth’s SR-2625F is a noise free rackmount Server/PC engineered with powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processors.


Introducing our New Fanless Mini PC with Removable Hard Drive and Compact Flash

The Stealth LPC-395F is a fanless noise free computer that utilizes Intel’s ATOM processor technology that offers plenty of horsepower without sacrificing energy efficiencies. Unique to the LPC-395F mini PC is the front loaded removable media slots for both Hard Drive and Compact Flash.


Stealth Computer Releases their latest Notebook Warrior PC A Hybrid Rugged Notebook/Tablet Computer

The all-new Stealth NW-2000 Rugged Hybrid PC provides the ultimate in mobile flexibility with the ability to quickly transform from a rugged notebook PC into a rugged Tablet PC. The Stealth rugged machine is built to handle demanding applications by meeting MIL-STD-810F specifications.


Stealth’s Atom Powered Low-Cost Mini PC

Low Cost – High Performance Mini PC. Not every application demands higher-end computational performance. The new Stealth LPC-385 small form PC offers a tremendous price-performance value in a robust little package.


Stealth Computer Releases a Rugged Waterproof Fanless PC for Extreme Environments

Sealed to IP67/NEMA 6 specifications. The new Stealth WPC-500F is a rugged PC that is completely water-tight, surviving liquids, chemicals, dust and dirt intrusion and meeting IP67/NEMA 6 environmental specifications.

Witness the fully operational WPC-500F getting drenched in water while running.


Introducing Our: High Bright LCD Monitor Family High Brightness, Sunlight Readable Monitors

Stealth High Bright LCD monitors are designed to operate in extreme ambient light conditions. Our sunlight readable
LCD’s outperform standard LCD’s that wash out in direct and indirect sunlight conditions.


Stealth.Com Releases a Powerful Rugged Fanless Mini PC

Fanless by design, Stealth’s new LPC-625F Fanless Mini PC operates without noisy cooling fans that can draw in dirt and dust causing potentially catastrophic failures. The highly reliable LPC-625F small PC is designed in a rugged extruded aluminum chassis that provides superior heat dissipation.


Stealth Introduces a Water Resistant, Sunlight Readable, 8.4″ Rugged LCD Monitor for Demanding Applications

Stealth’s Model: TT-840 is an 8.4″ high performance rugged LCD designed to survive demanding work environments. The sunlight readable, high brightness LCD is encapsulated in a rugged aluminum enclosure that has been sealed to IP68/NEMA 6P specifications making it totally water-tight. Power, Video and USB connections are provided through IP68 water-proof connectors directly on the unit.


Stealth Computer Announces Company Rebranding and Domain Name Change to Stealth.Com Inc.

Stealth Computer Corporation is pleased to announce that they are adopting Stealth.Com Inc. as their new corporate name. The Stealth.Com name change better reflects the company’s brand and establishes prominent brand identity as a leading manufacturer of Industrial Rugged and specialized computer products.


Introducing the New: LPC-650 Series LittlePC, Our Fastest Mini PC Ever!

The new Stealth LPC-650 small form PC offers tremendous power in a tiny package that measures 6.5″ x 6″ and less than 2″ tall. Engineered with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor, you’ll experience blazing speed performance that will handle your most processor intense applications.