nofans2 Cooling fans draw in dirt and dust from their operating environments potentially causing catastrophic failures and/or costly interruptions and downtime. Stealth’s Fanless PCs are engineered to dissipate heat by utilizing the rugged aluminum chassis which acts as a heat sink, additionally some models use the latest heat pipe technology to cool and provide noise free operation.

How will fanless computers benefit you?

Save time/money and reduce the worry. No planned maintenance to clean cooling fans or discovering a clogged fan has shut down your application or process.

No noise! When used with SSD the fanless PC is completely noise free making it ideal for control rooms, audio recording, board rooms, deep thinking and other areas that need to be low in ambient noise.

Numerous designs and configurations to meet your application needs. Deployable in limited space or in rack packaging offering multi I/O, Sealed/Waterproof, DC power, Wireless and more.
Stealth’s fanless computer products are an excellent fit for many applications including; Embedded Control Audio/Video recording, Digital Signs, Interactive Kiosks, Thin-Clients, Human/Machine Interface and your next applications.

Built to meet your applications

  • No noise and low power consumption
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Small Rugged Chassis Designs
  • Mobile, DC Power Input, Multi I/O
  • Sealed/Waterproof, Multi-LAN Networking Ports and 16×9 1080p models available
  • Windows 7, & 10 Compatible, *other O/S Options Available