We have been working diligently and have a myriad of exciting new products that we are releasing over the next few months.  Earlier in the month we introduced our new Model: TT-840 rugged 8.4″ weatherproof LCD. This unit was primarily developed for the Marine industry however is also ideal for industrial applications.

Today we have added to the family with the newly released LPC-625F Fanless Little PC. We have had great success with our fanless PC products. People love the fact that they are virtually noise free and do not suck any dust inside.  As you know an accumulation of dust and dirt can be drawn in by cooling fans resulting in the cooling fan and component failure due to heat build up. Our fanless machines prevent catastrophic failures from occurring and are ideal to deploy in areas where a typical PC cannot function.

Click below for photos, data sheet and pricing

Detailed Data Sheet and specifications of Stealths POwerful Fanless PC LPC-625F

Large Photo of the Stealth LPC-625F Fanless Core 2 Duo PC

On-line configurator and detailed price list for the LPC-625F Fanless PC

The Offical News Release of Stealth Computers latest noise free PC