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October 09, 2014

Application: Industrial Automation & Control

Stealth products are the go-to choice for many industrial automation and control applications. Stealth offers a wide breadth of industry proven hardware that is compatible with industry standard HMI software from Rockwell, Wonderware, Iconics, GE Fanuc, Pro-face, CIMPLICITY, Siemens, Indusoft, Schneider Electric etc. Touchscreen LCD Monitors – Panelmount sizes from 6.5″ to 26″, NEMA 4/IP65…

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May 21, 2014

Stealth Computer’s Custom Hardware Services – Hardware & Software Integration/Configuration

Stealth’s Custom Hardware Services – Hardware & Software Integration/Configuration Since 1990 Inc. (Stealth Computer) has been designing and manufacturing high-performance, ruggedized, industrial-grade computer systems and peripherals. One of the keys to our success is having the flexibility to meet the exact needs of our customers, from one-off configurations to large production rollouts. Leverage our…

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April 07, 2014

Stealth Support of Windows XP after April 8th, 2014

As we have previously reported, April 8, 2014 marks the official end of Windows XP support from Microsoft. On April 8, 2014 security updates will stop being issued for the aging but still popular operating system. Moving forward Stealth recommends the Windows 7, 64-bit operating system as a base for all of its new and…

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November 28, 2013

Windows XP Support to End on April 8th, 2014

What are your options? April 8th, 2014 will mark the end to one of the most successful operating systems ever produced for the personal computer. On that date Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows XP, first released to hardware vendors almost 14 years ago on August 24th, 2001. The ending for support for XP by…

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April 11, 2013

Microsoft to end Windows XP support in one year

Microsoft is warning that in just one year on April 8, 2014, that it will stop delivering security updates for Windows XP, ending support for the operating system which is still one of the most popular and widely used in the world. Microsoft on several of it’s blog posted about Window XP’s end date urging…

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June 26, 2012

Windows 7 overtakes XP on the eve of Windows 8 release

The steady rise of Windows 7 has finally accumulated with the overtaking of Windows XP in the past year to become the most widely used Operating System worldwide. Windows 7’s rise to the top comes on eve of release of Windows 8 which is expected to be released to computer manufacturers in July just three…