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Product/Service Announcement  - May 2014

Stealth's Custom Hardware Services
Hardware & Software Integration/Configuration

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Small Footprint PCs Rack Mount Server/PC Fanless/Noise Free Computing Touch Screen LCD Monitors

Since 1990 Stealth.com Inc. (Stealth Computer) has been designing and manufacturing high-performance, ruggedized, industrial-grade computer systems and peripherals. One of the keys to our success is having the flexibility to meet the exact needs of our customers, from one-off configurations to large production rollouts.

Leverage our experience - and have a complete solution delivered to your door allowing you to focus your energy on what you do best. If you don't see it please ask. We have an abundance of existing products that may require slight changes to meet your needs or we can work with you to build something new. Contact us today to discuss your application with one of our product specialists. Toll Free: 1-888-STEALTH (1-888-783-2584).

Hardware Customization can include;
Hardware Integration - We build you a product to meet your exact needs. Example options; extra expansion slots, multiple hard drives, RAID, DC and special power, redundancy, custom chassis, NEMA rated, high shock/temp/vibration to name a few.
Software Integration - We can install and manage your software so that you maintain the same revision control on each order. Your new products will arrive ready to operate right out of the box.
Personalization - Custom configured the way you want it. Custom colors or simply add your logo helping you build your brand. Custom model and serial numbers can be added for your own asset tracking and control.
Third-Party Hardware - Do you need special boards, or other hardware? Let us build them in saving you time and expense.
Fast Delivery - We have a long history of filling orders correctly and on time. By
managing your blanket orders we can ship products directly to you when you need them.
Support - We are here when you need us with our free lifetime support on all of our products. For over 20 years we have served thousands of customers around the globe.

The Stealth Competitive Edge

Quietly Creating Specialized Computers & Peripherals for the World
Mini PCs Rackmount/
Panel PCs
Rugged LCDs
& Touch screens
Industrial Keyboards
& Pointing Devices
Portable PC

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Toll Free: 1-888-783-2584
Local Toronto: 905-264-9000

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TOLL FREE: 1-888-STEALTH (1-888-783-2584)
International: 905-264-9000 or click here to e-mail us.

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