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Welcome to Stealth Computer's comprehensive product photo album. Since we are limited to the number of product photos on our individual data sheets we have built this detailed photo album to provide you with further assistance in making a buying decision.

If you require any additonal high-resolution pictures for Press or Print Media please please .

The images and content found on the Stealth Computer Photo Album are the intellectual property of Inc. (Stealth Computer) and is Copyright © 1990-2014, unless otherwise stated. All photographic material displayed in this photo album may not be sold, reproduced, published, mirrored, retransmitted, duplicated or copied without the prior written consent of Stealth Computer.

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Waterproof Computers


The new Stealth WPC-500F is a rugged PC that is completely water-tight, surviving liquids, chemicals, dust and dirt intrusion and meeting IP67/NEMA 6 environmental specifications. Designed without cooling fans the rugged aluminum chassis acts as a heat sink to dissipate internal heat and provide noise free operation.

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LittlePCs are small form factor mini PCs designed to fit in space-confined areas. The power of a desktop PC in a fraction of the size. Available in Dual Core, Pentium M/Celeron M, Expansion Slots & Fanless configurations.

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LCD Monitors


StealthVU NEMA Rated LCD Monitors with various Touch Screen Options. Designs include Panel, Rack, Desktop and OEM / Open Frame style. Sizes from 6.4" up to 21". High Brightness options and custom designs available.

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Stealth offers a wide range of Industrial Grade Rackmount Computer Systems built to your exact specifications. Industrial Rackmount PCs and Servers are available in various designs and configurations 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, sizes.

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Rugged Notebooks


Notebook Warrior - Rough & Tough environmentally sealed notebook computer

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Rugged Portables


StealthBOX Multi-slot Portable Expansion PCs with PCI/ISA Expansion Slots

18 files, last one added on Jun 18, 2008
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Panel PCs


All-in-One, Panel PC Workstations, Environmentally Sealed to NEMA 4X/IP56, Powerful Integrated Computing, available in 19", 17" & 15" LCD sizes. Ideal for quick and easy installation/removal into control panels, consoles, kiosks and machines.

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Stealth offers a wide range of Industrial Grade Computers in configurations suitable for Panel / Wall and Bench or Desk Top mounting. These models are ideal for applications where a PC needs to be mounted in Control Panels, Consoles, Operator Stations, Mobile and Remote locations.

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Stealth offers a wide range of Rugged Industrial Keyboards that are ideal for wet, dirty and harsh environments where a standard PC keyboard won't survive.

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Pointing Devices


Stealth offers a wide range of Rugged Industrial Pointing Devices that are ideal for wet, dirty and harsh environments where a standard PC keyboard won't survive.

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Flat Racks


The Stealth FlatRack is an ultra-thin LCD monitor with built-in keyboard and track pad mouse. When in its resting position the monitor measures only 1.75 inches or 1U in height.

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Stealth Computer


Miscellaneous Stealth Computer images, Logos, Ads, etc.

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