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Keyboards - Best Sellers

Keyboard Best Sellers

Stealth's industrial rugged desktop keyboards are built to survive in tough environments where typical computer keyboards just won't cut it. Rugged keyboards are available in a corrosion resistant stainless steel or a durable ABS polycarbonate encasing. Sizes range from the mini style small footprints for mobile
applications to the full size QWERTY models ideal for operator interface and HMI applications. Models are available with built-in pointing devices (mouse) that are also sealed from outside contaminates. The NEMA Type 4X / IP65 enclosures are intended for indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against corrosion, windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water; and to be undamaged by the formation of ice on the enclosure. All of Stealth's industrially hardened keyboards and pointing devices are plug-and-play compatible with Windows operating systems and require no special drivers.

     Environmentally Sealed
Against splashing liquids,
dust & dirt - Meets NEMA 4, 4x, IP56

  • Environmentally Sealed to NEMA 4, 4X / IP65
  • ABS-Polycarbonate Sealed Plastic Case
  • 116 Keys including 24 Function Keys,
    26 Key numeric keypad
  • Built-in 3 button FingerTipMouse (Pointing Device)
  • Greater than 10 Million cycles expected life
  • Includes 10' cable (specify PS/2 or USB)
  • Built-in Mounting Holes
  • Datasheet: 5000-DU-FSR (PS/2 or USB)
  • Dimensions: 14.94"W x 6.63"D x 1.81"H
  • Drawings: Keyboard Layout & Mounting Drawing

861-DP2-USB   5000-DU-FSR (PS/2 or USB)

  • Optical, NEMA 4X / IP65 Waterproof Mouse
  • Smooth-Surface Buttons
  • Optical Tracking Technology
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Design
  • Features a sealed, industrial silicone overlay
    and robust ABS polycarbonate frame
  • PS/2 or USB compatible.
  • Datasheet: StealthMouse (PS/2 or USB)
  • Dimensions:  2.58"W x 5"D x 1.56"H


  • Environmentally Sealed to NEMA 4, 4X / IP65
  • Backlighting / Illumination
  • ABS-Polycarbonate Sealed Plastic Case
  • Small Foot Print Design
  • 86 Keys, 12 Function Keys, Emergency Key
  • Built-in 3 button FingerTipMouse (Pointing Device)
  • Greater than 10 Million cycles expected life
  • Built-in Mounting Holes
  • Includes 4-foot coiled cable with "Y" PS/2
    (separate connectors) or single USB connector
  • Datasheet: 880-DP-FSR-BL (PS/2 or USB)
  • Dimensions: 11.4"W x 6.3"D x 1.86"H
  • Drawings: Keyboard Layout and
    Mounting Drawing

StealthMouse (PS/2 or USB)   880-DP-FSR-BL (PS/2 or USB)



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