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Why buy from Stealth Computer?

We buy stuff, too.

"Stealth Computers has always provided prompt service, excellent support, and quality products. It has been the only company for many years that we would purchase our specialty computers from."

D.G., Lead Engineer
General Electric

We've learned a lot about what we don't want to be, and the types of companies we don't want to have as our own suppliers. We know buying on price alone is often a misguided approach. We know what it's like when the best delivery estimates available are measured in multiple weeks.

We learned we needed high quality first-rate suppliers and that our clients think the same way.

So here's what we offer, and why you want to do business with Stealth Computer:

Top-notch people

  • All of our staff - from sales and administration to manufacturing and customer service -- are based in North America.
  • Our sales people have deep, directly relevant technical backgrounds and can do far more than work off a price list
  • Our technical people have solid qualifications with years of industry experience to back them up
  • We honor our commitments

Premium processes in a premium facility

  • We own and operate our own world-class 27,000 sq ft facility
  • Our operation is entirely documented and controlled, and run under ISO 9001 certified processes
  • We do a multipoint burn-in and test procedure with multiple sign-offs on every product before they go out the door
  • We're committed to a high standard of quality and receive very few returns
  • Our production is in a controlled Electro-Static Discharge-protected facility
  • We maintain long product life-cycles with final buys and end of life notifications
  • We offer an interactive web experience from sales to support

Tremendous customer service

  • Our reputation is paramount with a 20-year history of total customer satisfaction
  • We respond quickly and effectively to our customers needs
  • We offer flexible purchasing methods
  • Fast delivery with trackable shipments
  • We offer toll-free support in North America
  • Free Technical support for the life of your product
  • We turn things around quickly and when promised, but not by cutting corners
  • We have stacks of customer testimonials

Products that meets your needs

  • Award winning, superior performing products
  • Our products are fully tested with proven reliability
  • A wide-range of standard and custom configured products
  • Same day shipping on popular products, Quick Ship Program
  • We offer superior price-performance value
  • We identify, develop and support applications that customers need now
  • We stay on top of trends and developments, and anticipate future customer needs
  • Our products work out of the box, and keep on working
  • Buyer-regret never comes up





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